Angelic Healing and Reiki Practitioners

offering Energy Healing.


Angelic Healing and Reiki Practitioners.

offering Energy Healing.

Angel Healing Therapy.

When it comes to the world of energy healing there are many modalities to choose from, but they all fall under the same basic premise.
The human body is a combination of matter and energy; we are being made up of atoms, protons, and neutrons. In energy healing when we focus on the healing and cleansing the Aura (layers of electromagnetic energy surrounding the body). It helps to bring us back into a more natural state of wellbeing.
Angel Healing Therapy calls upon your own personal guardian angels as well as the power of other angels and Archangels which surrounds us to help heal the area of our lives we are most concerned about.
This therapy is a noninvasive, gentle yet powerful healing practice that works on the electromagnetic energy of the subtle body to help bring it back into alignment of its own natural state of well-being.
And while is not a replacement for your traditional medical doctor, It does have the power to create significant improvement in all aspects of our lives when called upon.
Nikola Tesla said that “if we want to know the secrets of the universe, we should focus on the nonphysical aspects rather than physical ones”.
Angels are also a part of this nonphysical invisible spectrum of light energy.
During a healing session, you may experience the Angel for yourself. Some people are more energy sensitive than others and sometimes see colors while others may feel the energies or experience a feeling of calm and peace.
This healing session may sometime include messages to your guardian angels.


Reiki is a Japanese word that means “life force energy”.
When our life force energy is low, it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically, making it difficult to deal with the many days to day challenges life throws at us.
Reiki is a natural and safe method of healing. It is a gentle hand on therapy where our client lay fully clothed on a treatment table while the therapist uses their hands to focus energy to remove the imbalances of subtle energy in the body.
Then we can work toward restoring the balance and harmony of the body natural state of being.
This therapy works with the whole person through the mind and spirit to achieve a feeling of peace, relaxation, and comfort.

Reiki Healing Session Price List

30 mins    $50
1hr    $90

Angel Healing Services Price List

Angel Healing Services
30 mins    $110
45 mins    $165
Long-distance Healing also available upon request.
15 mins for Consultation required before an angel healing session.


To Book a Healing Session
Call or email.


I had waxing done today and truly was very pleased how quick and easy it was. Savita is welcoming and cheerful. I will be returning again.

Cari Dewing
February 6, 2018

Savita is the best!! I have been seeing her regularly for months now and she's always been very welcoming and friendly

Lillian Laic
September 19, 2017

Savita is Wonderful!! I have been going to her for years! Congrats on your New place! Wishing you much success! Cheers

Margaret Amaral
September 19, 2017

Excellent Service, Savita is a pleasure to work with!! Great prices and most of all I leave feeling brand New !!

Fabio Last
November 2017


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